Friday, January 4, 2008

The start of so many problems

Well its 2008. A year of fresh starts, to leave several events from 2007 in the past. Unfortunatly it means will be a lot of problems.

The main problem has been going on since the beginning of December, only it seemed to have became much worse. At first I could not log into the account. Now the host has been going up and down for a while.

For now I'm keeping the Freewebs site active. Also at this time I'm looking into more hosts, so that we will have more portals incase something happens to one. It will also allow for more people to be pleased with the layout. For the next site, the layout will be different, that is if I can get the bugs worked out. Instead of the pink flower layout, I'm going with a Full moon type theme. Its black and white, with the links at the top. Its very stylish.

The second problem is much more simple. Long story short, I traded my cable internet in for wireless. It has been going in and out. I'm lucky if I can even get a hour straight. What this means is the updates will become even more scarce. I'll try to find some games, and find time to post them, but don't hold your breath.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Falling into place

Things are starting to come together. With the new site being live I've thought it would be a great time to make another post. There has been many changed to the site other than the new better host.

The first big difference is that it will be harder to update the site, but that won't stop me. Updates come at a slow pace anyways so it is one of those things tht you may not even notice.

The second thing will effect more people. Recently due to some Forum spammers, trying to sell Christmas items, guests can not post. They will now need to sign up and confirm their E-mail. Wish it didn't have to come down to this decision, but it was bound to happen. Big thanks to Nighthawk who cleaned up that mess while I was away. I am in your debt.

The third thing is that some pages are down. The special surprise page will most likely be taken down. It is just a big headache, and it sadly does not bring in much traffic. Now maybe if in the future I learn to code flash games, or we get an contributor, I'll consider reopening that page. The second page that will be down is the Contest results page. The reason for that being down is because I've decided to not do any more contests where only two or three people vote. its not much of a contest for that. Once we get some more active members, that I'll consider it.

The final change at this time is the chat box. Its from chattango, and its a great chat box. I'm able to delete posts, add mods, and ban people without going off site.

Well thats it for this go around, until next time.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The first Site blog

This is where I'll talk about the knight of khaos site. I'll be answering questions and all of the other stuff.

To start off this short post: I'm working on getting a better host other than freewebs. The one I have in mind has free ad free hosting, and is praised by many. The main problem for people is you need to make the site using code. Many will use site editors like frontpage, but I'm already doing great coding it by hand.

Ummm thats all...