Friday, January 4, 2008

The start of so many problems

Well its 2008. A year of fresh starts, to leave several events from 2007 in the past. Unfortunatly it means will be a lot of problems.

The main problem has been going on since the beginning of December, only it seemed to have became much worse. At first I could not log into the account. Now the host has been going up and down for a while.

For now I'm keeping the Freewebs site active. Also at this time I'm looking into more hosts, so that we will have more portals incase something happens to one. It will also allow for more people to be pleased with the layout. For the next site, the layout will be different, that is if I can get the bugs worked out. Instead of the pink flower layout, I'm going with a Full moon type theme. Its black and white, with the links at the top. Its very stylish.

The second problem is much more simple. Long story short, I traded my cable internet in for wireless. It has been going in and out. I'm lucky if I can even get a hour straight. What this means is the updates will become even more scarce. I'll try to find some games, and find time to post them, but don't hold your breath.